my growing up years!!

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Bridget Lee
Glue - I loved this glue with that cool rubber tip

Vintage Glues

Anyone remember the glues we used as kids in school . it was in a curved waist bottle with a nippled rubber top ? Not sure if this is it or not...

Loved to play this with my sister.

the site for BLOW OUT THE MOON

how to do cat's cradle, with step-by-step pictures and instructions

45's and inserts

Home - SodaHead

45's and inserts

cats cradle !so simple but fun!!

Justin Tyler Savage

Tumblr Blog

Paper Fortune Tellers

I'm Remembering!

Paper Fortune Tellers (Remembered by kleptic)

paper fortune tellers

I'm Remembering!

Paper Fortune Tellers (Remembered by kleptic)

Simple pleasures!!hand stands

roger mayne

Spent hours playing jacks


Paper dolls

one kind of paper dolls I had as a child It's sometimes very strange to me to find that I can remember stuff from when I was a litt...

Pick up Sticks!

Jumbo wooden pick-up stix, wood sticks in 1970s vintage canister

Paddle ball!!

bolo paddles

Peter Rabbit !!such a naughty rabbit

Beatrix Potter Photo: Peter Rabbit

An image from Peter Rabbit.

Vintage games - Ludo