Ibn Al-Qayyim said, “Sweet pomegranate is good for the stomach and strengthens it, because it acts as a gentle astringent. It is beneficial for the throat, chest and lungs, and is good for coughs. Its juice acts as a laxative and offers slow nourishment to the body and stimulates sexual desire. It is not good for those who have fever. The sour pomegranate acts as a gentle astringent that is beneficial for infected stomachs;

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Ibn Al-Qayyim, may Allah have mercy upon him, said, “In the citron there are many benefits, in its skin, flesh, juice and seeds. Among the benefits of its skin: it brings a pleasant smell to the air, and perfumes the breath, if it is held in the mouth. If it is put in food, it helps with digestion. #DarussalamPublishers #IslamicMedicine #IslamicEBooks #AmazonKindle #KindleStore #BarnesAndNoble

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Al-Kahhal Ibn Tarkhan said, “It heats, acts as a laxative, expels worms and stimulates the libido. If it is cooked with soups, it cleanses the chest and stops the hair from falling. If it is used as a compress with water and salt, it helps to draw out boils and is beneficial in cases of asthma and difficulty breathing;#DarussalamPublishers #IslamicMedicine #IslamicEBooks #AmazonKindle #KindleStore #BarnesAndNoble

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Spiruline (Algue bleue-verte) - commencer par une dose de 1 gr par jour, et augmenter la quantité de 1 gr toutes les semaines jusqu’à 5 à 10 gr par jour

Les bienfaits de l'huile d'olive

Dr. Hassan Howaidi confirms that clearing the vision with antimony is effective against many groups of germs; thus it protects the eye and maintains its health, because infectious diseases of the eye are caused by germs, and when the conjunctiva is free from swelling then the vision will be good.#DarussalamPublishers #IslamicMedicine #IslamicEBooks #AmazonKindle #KindleStore #BarnesAndNoble

Al-Muwaffaq Al-Baghdadi said, “If you want to know the benefits of Talbeenah, then think of the benefits of barley water, especially if it is made of bran. There is nothing more beneficial than broth for one who eats a lot of barley. As for the one who eats a lot of wheat, the best thing for him when he is sick is barley broth.”

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