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Mahakaal Mahadev.


In His Heart — astrologyreadings: The great Upanishads say,...

Hindu Cosmos - Lord shiva on Nandi (via ebay: manyacreations)



Lakshmi ~ Hindu Goddess of Beauty and Light. Manifestation of Abundance in all forms ~ Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Health, Wealth, Creativity and on and on... She knows the secret key and wants to share it with all ❤


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The Hindu god of creation Brahma brought forth a progeny that was half man, half woman or Ardhanarishwara, possessed of both feminine and masculine energies. Brahma's meditation caused this supremely powerful form to divide and live as a couple and procreate.

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Alex Grey "Vajra Being" Blotter Art

Alex Grey "Vajra Being" Blotter Art Produced for CoSM by Shakedown Gallery

Alex Grey "Vajra Being" Blotter Art

Lord Brahma, who is in charge of secondary creations. One Brahma appears per universe, and his number of heads is an indication of the size of the universe created.

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Shiva and Parvati


Lord Vishnu in yoga nidra, mystic slumber, while universes coming out of his skin holes. Into each universe has entered an expansion or Garbodaksayi Vishnu.


Shiv shakti

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