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Self-Sabotage KILLS Dreams
If you are someone that keeps on getting in your own way and you dont know how to stop then give this podcast episode a listen.
This Hormone makes your BELLY FAT! Beat it with…
🧠🫁🫀Cortisol is a steroid hormone that helps control our blood sugar, salt and water balance, and is essential to our metabolism, as well as our immune system. It also helps us with stress regulation. However when there is too much cortisol it can lead to: * rapid weight gain in the face, chest and stomach area * high blood pressure * osteoporosis * skin changes * muscle weakness * mood swings, which show as anxiety, depression or irritability * increased thirst and frequency of urination Good
You need to hear this!!
Everyone’s “picture” of health is different, everyone’s body is different, everyone’s hormonal balance, routine, food choices, sleeping situation and life in general is different. It’s better to base your goals on you, your behaviours, habits and situation. In our very first podcast episode we went over 5 questions that you should ask yourself which will definitely help you take an honest look at whether you are really trying to reach your fitness goals or if you are self-sabotaging. #podcast
a woman standing in front of a microphone with the words are you even trying?
Breaking Through Self-Sabotage: Navigating the Path to Your Fitness Goals
In this episode of the Mr and Mrs Muscle podcast, we enter into the topic of self-sabotage and its impact on our ability to reach our fitness goals. Using five key self assessment questions we try to paint a picture that can help you understand why you might engage in self-destructive behaviors that hinder your progress? How can you recognize and overcome these patterns to stay on track? We speak with each other and share our experiences and insights on what may be causing self-sabotage, and pr