Tullulah Bankhead By: Giles Oldershaw, English printmaker and artist. cardboard This piece is a great example of shape.  Shapes are created to make a face with high/lowlights. I love this piece. It's beautifully crafted.

Cardboard Portraits - Cardboard relief portraits created from ordinary cardboard boxes by Giles Oldershaw, intricately exacto'd into stunning multi-dimentional and textured images.

Em homenagem ao dia Internacional da Mulher, uma pintura de Frida Kahlo. Ela foi uma das mulheres mais fortes e corajosas que existiu.

Frida Kahlo Self Portrait with Monkey oil painting for sale; Select your favorite Frida Kahlo Self Portrait with Monkey painting on canvas or frame at discount price.

Artist Ed Fairburn has recently come out with new works that live somewhere between sculptures and drawings. Hes still using traditional ink to draw on maps but now hes cutting and layering maps to create incredibly intriguing works.

Incredible New Portraits Carved from Old Military Maps

Is this what Mother Earth looks like?Artist Ed Fairburn does awesome things with maps. The top two images are from his North America Series. They’re pencil drawings on climate charts of North America.

KALEIDOSCOPE by Nick Gentry. Oil and used computer disks on wood, 2013.... "London artist Nick Gentry creates floppy disk paintings and art from the obsolete technology of society."

KALEIDOSCOPE by Nick Gentry. Oil and used computer disks on wood, "London artist Nick Gentry creates floppy disk paintings and art from the obsolete technology of society.

Ed Fairburn 02-10-13 Looks like the inside of a tree, journey of life representation?

Cardiff artist Ed Fairburn launches maps as portraits exhibition

New work today from Ed Fairburn (previously) who draws ink and graphite portraits on vintage maps and now celestial star charts. A few of his works are now available as fine art prints over at Not on the High Street.

Ed Fairburn’s Map Art Portraits

Ed Fairburn's Map Art Portraits

paxmachina: “ Portraits Drawn on Maps by Ed Fairburn Photo: Ink on a 1973 road map of Germany Photo Ink on a street map of Cambridge Artist Ed Fairburn utilizes the chaotic patchwork of roads,.

by Nick Gentry   http://www.nickgentry.co.uk/

Do you remember the trust floppy disk drive? The slot in the side of your PC which you'd clip your floppy disk into?

Titus Kaphar Talks Criminal Justice, His TIME Painting, and First Show at Jack Shainman

Behind the Myth of Benevolence, 2014 oil on canvas 59 x 34 x 6 inches ©Titus Kaphar. Courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York

Progetto dell'illustratore gallese Ed Fairburn

Ritratti e antiche mappe: i lineamenti dei volti si fanno strada sulle cartine

‘Norwich’, ink on an original map of Norwich – the third addition to the Quarter Scale Series. by Ed Fairburn *** Road maps overlayed would be a sweet idea!

Julian Opie - Alex, bassist

A portrait of Alex James, the bassist for the band Blur, by Julian Opie as a component to his album cover for Blur.

Portraits Painted on Film Negatives by Nick Gentry portraits painting film

London-based artist Nick Gentry, who previously constructed larger-than-life portraits out of floppy disks, has a new series where he paints.