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The Indian in the Cupboard was one of the 'classic movies. My youngest child liked it so much my dad made her a "cupboard" for her Indian, when we bought the movie (it was included with the VHS). She even had an old skeleton key to open the cupboard.

Resident Evil

Jill Sandwiches Creepy Doors & HD Dogs Resident EvilHD - Lucy and Rob take a look at the HD remaster of the remake of the original Resident Evil. It's slightly less complicated than it sounds.

Oh white dog poo......... what happened to you?

Gross - remember dodging white dog poo on the foot path while walking to the shop? They tell me it was white because everyone fed their dogs bones in the old days (and they don't anymore).


So I'm a mom, who has been a mom pretty much my entire adult life! In all my mommy years I have never had a harder time buying Legos!