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an intricately designed card with red flowers on the front and bottom, in white paper
four different types of birds in black and white on a beige background, each with an intricate
Speránza ya Amal
an image of some type of flower on a cell phone screen, with the text follow below it
a gold and black clock with a woman dancing on it's face next to a wall clock
Art Deco
An Art Deco silvered and gilded metal (with ivorine bow) figural clock by Uriano, France 1930s #artdeco
two white chairs sitting next to each other on top of a carpeted room floor
French style Art Deco Swivel Chair | Seating Items | Art Deco Collection
French style Art Deco Swivel Chair | Seating Items | Art Deco Collection
an open door leading to another room with white walls and wood flooring on either side
The Caledonian Mining Expedition Company
Perspective G Haussmann by Christophe Koziel
an ornately decorated ceiling with flowers and leaves painted on the wall above it, along with other decorative items
Security Check Required
exquisite ceiling from a palace in Latvia.... just look up! #heirloomheaven
an ornate ceiling with white paint and carvings
Victorian Era
Cherubs and intricate wall, ceiling, and molding design.
an intricately carved wooden object with the word be koru on it's side
KR_0011. Кронштейны из дерева. Резные изделия, готовые/на заказ.
a large bed sitting in the middle of a bedroom next to a wooden floor and wall
3D rendering of hotel rooms
wood wall treatment
a man is painting a wall with flowers on it and another man is standing on a ladder in front of the window
-hand painted cherry blossoms on metallic gold wall. More
a lamp that is sitting on top of a wooden table with a woman holding a light above it
Art Deco Spelter Figure Lamp
Art Deco Spelter Figure Lamp More