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Tender fish cutlets that melt-in-your-mouth are an excellent starter that will never fail to impress. Here’s a super simple recipe of fish cutlets that is a result of a successful food experiment. The bonus is that these are super simple to prepare and taste fantastic. Serve them to your guests with some chutney, tomato ketchup or tartar sauce and a plate full of appetising starters are ready to be savoured while you enjoy your fun-filled get together.

Imran Khan made his debut on Reddit AMA yesterday and we loved every bit of the conversations that he had with the Redditers. A self proclaimed lurker and a crazy Redditer himself, Imran Khan is the first Bollywood star who appeared on Reddit AMA. The conversation thread was hilarious and some of his confessions left us gobsmacked. Have a chuckle as you read ahead.

All Bengalis have in common their love for good books, conversation and food. Their undying passion for the perfect fish makes for excellent culinary delights and fond memories. If you’re a Bengali you know your spices and fish well; but if you want to make a meal like the pro bongs, then you'll have to learn a thing or two. On the occasion of Poila Baisakh today, we bring you five Bengali specialties that you can cook up in your kitchen and feel like you’re in front of the ...

reen implies balance, harmony, refreshment, and equilibrium between the head and the heart. When the colour green strikes the eye, it needs no adjustment. It is the colour of balance. Here's how you can use greens in your space:

Parents are used to going all out and doing everything for their kids. From feeding them to putting them to sleep and even cleaning their poop. Little children can’t do anything on their own but as they grow older things change. They become more capable of taking care of themselves and must learn to help out their parents in basic everyday chores. We tell you how to get your kids to help out.

Just when you think menopause means your period woes are over and you no longer have to worry about being on the pill, you're in for a rude shock. As menopause begins to set in, you might find yourself going through a number of symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, mood blues et al. These symptoms can be quite unpleasant and can turn your otherwise comfortable life topsy turvy. That's why it's necessary to take extra care so you can cope with ...

Bruschetta is an Italian appetiser that’s popular for its easy-peasy method. It is simply, French bread topped with various veggies or mixes that makes for an excellent starter at a house party. Great food can uplift spirits at a get together and that will eventually lead you to an evening well spent. So if you are planning to call in your friends sometime soon, you know what should be on the menu. Try this simple but satiating bruschetta recipe.

The Ran-Kat love saga has had us hooked for ages now. With the numerous ups and downs in the couple’s love story, we are not surprised about the recent shocking news making the rounds. We hear that Ranbir Kapoor is finally looking to move out of his family's Pali Hill residence, Krishna Raj. We wonder if he is thinking of moving in with his lady love Katrina Kaif.

You can’t tell someone not to feel what they are feeling or even be upset with yourself for the way you feel, but by accepting your feelings, you open the doorway to evolve them. There are no good or bad feelings, but we need to be discerning. The emotions we carry should empower us and enable us to go where we want to go, where we believe joy resides.

Season after season, celebrity after celebrity and gossip after gossip, if there is one thing that has remained constant at Koffee With Karan, it is the hamper. A big basket of goodies handed out to each guest or celebrity marks the end of an episode. But, what’s in the hamper is a million-and-a-half dollar question. You can save the money because we have the answer. Since our loyalties lie with food, we are strictly listing the coveted food items in the hamper. Don't Miss: Koffee ...