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an image of a man flying through the air
Comic style text
using mainly effects and layering
the words hello world are written in red and black on a yellow background with an image of the earth
Shadow effect and stroke
a neon sign with the word shut and an arrow pointing to it on a brick wall
Using bevel and emboss and outer glow
an abstract black and white photo with the word solution written in many different font styles
warp with gradient
save the earth one paper at a time with green and yellow text on blue background
Paper effect made from shadows and bevel and emboss
a poster with the words defx your own expectations
text using lasso tool to looked cut
a colorful poster with the words creative thinking is colourful
playing with colours and textures
Blending text and liquified Films, Smoke, Fire, Blending, Movies, Poster
Smoke and fire
Blending text and liquified
warp and blending Kids, Children, Child Abuse, Child, Loser
Child abuse
warp and blending