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best desi recipe you must tr
a large brick building with arches on the front and side walls that are lined up against each other
Awadh Shilpgram crafts hub is influenced by traditional Indian architecture
an architectural model of a building with plants growing in the center and people walking around
an aerial view of a building with thatched roof and palm trees in the background
an outdoor area with tables, chairs and trees in the background is lit up by lanterns
Socialising for introverts. Mountain clubs are the new beach clubs; a concept design #introvert #beachclubs #mountains #livingwithnature… | Instagram
an outdoor gazebo surrounded by palm trees and water in the middle of a garden
an arch made out of bamboo sticks with lights on the sides and plants in vases at the end
Gallery of Naman Retreat Conference Hall / VTN Architects - 5
an architectural drawing shows the different sections of a building that has been constructed into it
Eco Chapel in Ethiopia - Green Circle
two people sitting on the floor in a large room with circular stairs and brick walls
Architectural Finishes – What are they and what purpose(s) do they serve?
The Red Brick Art Museum in Bejing, China, designed by architect Dong Yugan, uses brick for interior and exterior cladding incorporating sculptural surfaces and structures.
an aerial view of a circular building with lots of plants growing on the roof and walls