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Mateus Rose was one of the wines of choice in the '70's. Very few from my generation showed up at a host's home without a bottle of Mateus Rose (or Lancer's Rose). BTW: The name is [mat-TAY-us], even though most of us have said [muh-TOOCE]. Every house had one.
Los horrorosos calcetines de ganchillo de los domingos!
Vintage Glass Animals. My Grandma had loads of these!
Prefects at school - such power! I still have mine - exactly the same as this one!!!
Music and Movement - BBC radio programme for schools. I thought it was "musical movement".....
✯ Super Ball ✯
The monkees Mickey Dolenz top left I loved this group, and thought they were better than the Beatles, lol!
Many girls could juggle 2 or 3 balls at a time against a wall. Their complex games involved high speed bouncing moves and when that became too tame they would toss the ball between their legs or twirl around before catching the ball
Love Beads. Oh yes I wore these in the 70s