Alia bhatt on ramp..

Alia bhatt on ramp.

Alia Bhatt on Hello March 2015 Magazine Issue.

Alia bhatt in black beauty..

Alia Bhatt in black beauty.

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Bold and sexy Alia Bhatt in red dress hd pics

Bold and sexy Alia Bhatt in red dress hd pics

Actress Aliabhat on designer pearl Jewelry and eye catching antique bangles.

Aliaa bhatt in white backless dress

Kapoor & Sons Movie Actress Alia Bhatt Bikini Latest Pics From Her Private Life - Cinebuzz

Alia Bhatt

Aliaa bhatt love

Aliaa bhatt love

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(I think this is Aishwarya Rai, one of the most beautiful women alive!) Being a Southerner, I've never understood my attraction to Bollywood.) I don't even speak the language and I have to read subtitles, but I love it!

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Alia bhatt that look..

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Alia Bhatt has prepared a surprise video for the fans - Cine Newz

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