Firdose Muneer Fathima

Firdose Muneer Fathima

Firdose Muneer Fathima
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Yoshito Matsushige, The mushroom cloud, photographed approximately 1.6 miles from ground zero..

"Little Boy" was the codename for the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August 1945 by the Boeing Superfortress Enola Gay. It was the first atomic bomb to be used as a weapon. *Photo by Yoshito Matsushige from miles away.

I can still see D.A. shining his jungle boots after he came home. Heating up the shoe polish. My gosh, it's so hard to look at this photo......

Helmets, rifles and jungle boots tell a grim tale of the action fought by the Brigade, airborne paratroopers in Operation Wheeler near Chu Lai. This battlefield memorial honors the soldiers killed during the offensive between September and November

Someone posted "... never leave a man behind." An amazing photo, I would like to know the details. Cannot believe it isn't famous, ... or is it?

Looks like a real photo, but it's just dolls . Mark Hogancamp has created a fictional universe Marwencol. Marwencol is the name of the town that is the setting for a story populated by World War II soldiers, Nazis and Barbies.

Terrorism has no religion! | Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta

Terrorism has no religion!