Shedworking: Steps 15: deluxe shedworking

I love tiny spaces - they're so cozy! Swedish cabin with roof top garden & retractable outdoor kitchen via:Living in a shoebox

Hillside designed by Gass Architecture Studios

Hillside: A House Nestled Between Rolling Vineyards

GASS Architecture Studios have designed Hillside, a family home in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Studio shed space thing

love this for an office or if it was triple wide/vertical for a home.

Superhouse | Strom Architects

UK-Based Superhouse Brand, A Subsidiary Of Ström Architects, To Build Stunning Luxury Homes For The Rich

House in Butantã / 23 SUL

House in Butantã / 23 SUL Arquitetura

Image 1 of 22 from gallery of House in Butantã / 23 SUL Arquitetura. Photograph by Pedro Kok

Modular housing is akin to a game of Tetris thanks to the Dutch design studio Universe Architecture. They have created a prototype that allows for a fluid configuration of architectural units, balconies, and shutters, similar to the classic puzzle game. Aptly called the Tetris House, elements of its design can be rotated and customized to adapt to a wide range of constraints and specifications. The Tetris House uses a steel structure as its base, but beyond that, developers are free to…

Modular "Tetris House" Uses Rectangular Units to Configure Personalized Space

Design studio Universe Architecture designed a modular housing prototype with elements that snap together like Tetris blocks.

Beautiful Houses: prefab house in Spain

In just 10 weeks, Barcelona-based architecture firm NOEM built this modern, prefabricated home for a couple in Castellón de la Plana, Spain. Called the Smart Shelter, the residence is intended as a.

Gallery of Tinhouse / Rural Design - 6

Gallery of Tinhouse / Rural Design - 6

Image 6 of 20 from gallery of Tinhouse / Rural Design. Photograph by David Barbour

If floating homes can be designed to respond to whatever Mother Nature and the housing market throws at them — think rising sea levels or the affordable housing crises — who says they can’t weather the storm of a marriage gone belly-up?

A floating home that breaks up when its inhabitants decide to do the same

Dutch firm Studio OBA designed Prenuptial Housing, a floating home that consists of two independent structures, which detach if the couple…

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