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swarosky and pearl necklace. Sentimental value always wins over monetary value. Trinkets can vary between Murano glass and precious gems, and the chains can be anything from steel to solid gold. graduated pearl necklace.

This beautiful necklace set is handcrafted in silver alloy with imitation american Diamond of very fine quality and semi precious stones . This necklace set is coated with antique polish which give them a unique look . An absolutely stunning piece to o

Welcome to the world of INDIAN JEWELLERY AND CLOTHING... One guide to explain the workmanship of Indian designers

Everywhere in the world, women are known for their attraction toward jewelleries, in India jewelleries have been used by women for centuries. Whether it is necklace, rings, earrings or bracelets, jewelleries have become extremely popular among them women.

I don't know with what, but definitely want to go in this direction. I love thinking about these as head pieces too. Polki diamonds and enamel set in gold necklace, Diamantina