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Some of the Posters and really useful resources created by The Music Espionage.
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The ‘Guide to Stereo Recording‘ will help you record using two or more audio channels at once. Basically, any stereo recording is placing two microphones carefully in strategically chosen locations relative to the sound source (the guy with long hair playing the guitar), these are then set to record simultaneously. Read more...

Guide to Stereo Recording - The Music Espionage

Understanding Reverb - The Music Espionage

Descriptors of Sound Poster - The Music Espionage

Starting any mix is difficult; not knowing the sound you are going for, what instrument to listen to first and what FX to use first. 5 Step Guide to Basic Mixing will help you over come this and help develop all the skills you need to mix quickly and professionally.

5 Step Guide to Basic Mixing - The Music Espionage

Learn more about all the different types of microphones out there and when best to use these. Guide to Microphones will help your recordings and improve all elements of your product. Microphones are the first element in the audio chain, knowing what microphone is the most suitable for any given instrument is an important skill for any producer.

Guide to Microphones - The Music Espionage

This guide to Common Recording Techniques will help you record all instruments to a higher and more professional standard. Giving you all the skills you need.

Common Recording Techniques - The Music Espionage

The strange art of mixing and post-production is always confusing. It’s difficult to know where to start, what instruments should sound like and the equipment needed to ensure your recording sound finished and to a professional standard. The Music Espionage has put together this free guide ‘Step by Step Guide to Mixing a Pop Track‘ to talk you through the process.

Step by Step Guide to Mixing a Pop Track - The Music Espionage