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i like this print

via so cute for like a pillow case pattern oh me oh my

Purple Butterfly Pashmina Silk Pashmina Silk Shawl Purple Shawl Butterfly Shawl…

Shop Women's size x Scarves & Wraps at a discounted price at Poshmark. Description: Double-sided butterfly silk Pashmina Shawl wrap Sold by Fast delivery, full service customer support.

Regency shawls at Vintage Textile: #4071 Kashmir shawl. Hand-embroidered Kashmir shawl, c.1810.    The boteh, known in the West as the paisley motif, is thought to be a representation of the growing shoot of the date palm. To the ancient Chaldeans (Babylon), the date palm was the tree of life, and the boteh represented its renewal. The symbol became an important element of early Indian textile art and appeared in hand woven Kashmiri shawls of the 17th century.

Regency shawls at Vintage Textile: Kashmir shawl