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Art - My Work - No Words Necessary

More drawing in pencil and ink, but no accompanying words of genius.
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ARTFINDER: Yellow Lips by Steve Clement-Large - One of my Mondrian style backgrounds - with a stained glass feel. The colours of the grid are chosen at random. (I do like a bit of aleatoric technique) The ...


Yellow Lips, 2015 by Steve Clement-Large

ARTFINDER: Arrival by Steve Clement-Large - I'm not really sure what's going on here - it could be a birth, but then again it might not be ... Predominantly coloured pencil, with a hint of ink outline.

Arrival, 2015 by Steve Clement-Large

Francesco Sacrati - like many of my titles I have no idea where it came from. Oil pastel on paper - with a cubist tinge.

Franceso Sacrati, 2015 by Steve Clement-Large

Spikes #art #drawing made in #plymouth #Devon #cityofmakers

Steve Clement-Large on Instagram: “Spikes #art #drawing made in #plymouth #Devon #cityofmakers”

work on paper - my dog ate art

work on paper

ARTFINDER: Urban Pint by Steve Clement-Large - What could be more pleasant than enjoying a quiet drink in pleasant company in beautiful surroundings? Just like this... Pencil and ink on paper.

Urban Pint, 2015 by Steve Clement-Large

ARTFINDER: Blazer by Steve Clement-Large - The blazer and shorts combo - it's a must again. Honestly. No, really. This could be Legerware. Pencil and ink on paper. No words necessary - pop it in a c...

Blazer, 2014 by Steve Clement-Large

ARTFINDER: Baboon by Steve Clement-Large - Colourful visage - a bit baggy about the eyes. Pencil and ink on paper - ideal for a clip-frame or a snap frame.

Baboon, 2015 by Steve Clement-Large