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Art - My Work - Thinking Out Loud

These are predominantly works made in pencil and ink - with some form of accompanying words / stream of consciousness / deluded ramblings - the decision is yours. All work for sale unless otherwise stated
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ARTFINDER: Nothing is Wasted by Steve Clement-Large - I had drawn the face and written the words and coloured the background, and I thought it looked good as it was. Less was more.


Nothing is Wasted, 2013 by Steve Clement-Large

ARTFINDER: Moby Dick by Steve Clement-Large - All aboard the Pequod! Ever wondered what Queequeg was thinking? - well now you know - possibly. The face on this was drawn largely using a continuous li...


Moby Dick, 2016 by Steve Clement-Large

ARTFINDER: Polo Mints (Drug of the Nation) by Steve Clement-Large - More absurd musings on a favourite peppermint treat. Humans like them - so do horses. But in the end it's all about the TV. Clear? Me neither. Inktense colou...


Polo Mints (Drug of the Nation), 2016 by Steve Clement-Large

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Steve Clement-Large on Instagram: “Let It Never Be Said #art #drawing #pencil #ink made in #plymouth #Devon #cityofmakers #coloredpencil #colouredpencil #instaart…”

ARTFINDER: Periscope by Steve Clement-Large - Musings on the specials board and social media. Executed in pen and pencil : one of many pictures that I have made that include writing.

Periscope, 2015 by Steve Clement-Large

ARTFINDER: Out Of The Night by Steve Clement-Large - Poetry and philosophical musings dominate a mosaic of vibrant acrylic inked squares. A painting on paper - which will still work in a clip-frame.

Out Of The Night, 2015 by Steve Clement-Large

ARTFINDER: Had Them All by Steve Clement-Large - Having a smoke and looking back at a life well-lived.


Had Them All, 2012 by Steve Clement-Large

ARTFINDER: Faster by Steve Clement-Large - More thinking out loud, with phrases borrowed direct from a video for a single by a certain Welsh band. Pencil and ink on paper.

Faster, 2014 by Steve Clement-Large

ARTFINDER: 73K by Steve Clement-Large - Based on a true story. I had this very dream the other night. I became a vicar because the price was right - and very specific. Now committed to paper for al...

73K, 2015 by Steve Clement-Large