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EViO EUP : 4000 / M4000A is the most stylish portable charger in the country. Sleek design and high on performance is the hallmark of this model. With 4000 mAH Lithium Polymer battery this powerful charger can easily charge all your USB connecter based mobile, smart phones and tablets as well. You can charge 2 products at a time using our intelligent one wire integrated multiple pin option. Read More by Clicking the Photo Link

EViO EUP : 2200 / 1055MS Power Bank (2200mAH): ViO EUP : 2200 / 1055MS Power Bank is a great entry level power charging solution which provides brilliant value for money. It packs in 2200 mAH Lithium Polymer battery which can easily charge all your mobile and smart phones and act as an emergency charger for your tablets. Compact in size with a bar shaped design it can easily slide into your pocket. Read More by clicking the photo link