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Elegant, ultramodern and contemporary sofa to give a touch of brightness to your house.
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Circularso by Adrenalina Ultramodern, elegant centrepiece for your living room. This sofa is made out of metal and reliable fabric in sober colours such as blue and grey. Very original, unique and contemporary piece. My Italian Living

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Ella Sculpture by Adrenalina. Centrepiece, bright-coloured sofa, made out of flamboyant blue and yellow fabric. Ultramodern and funny. Very reliable materials. My Italian Living

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Ella Sculpture by Adrelina. Flamboyant colours, red and pink, for a very original and unique design. Funky sofa, a centrepiece of your living room. My Italian Living

Curvo Nibbler by Adrenalina. Funky sofa, bright colours, made of durable, reliable fabric. Ultramodern and ironical, for a touch of contemporary in your house. My Italian Living

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