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Vintage, traditional ivory 'Travolta' sideboard. Very original and unique piece, perfect for kitchen, dining room and living room. Ivory colour. My Italian Living.

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Beautiful, luxury design 'Jon' sideboard. High quality materials. This piece is perfect for every room. My Italian Living .

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Turquoise, exclusive design and materials for 'Damon' sideboard by Dall'Agnese

Ultramodern white and wooden sideboard 'Carolyn'. Beautiful, perfect for every environment. High quality materials. My Italian Living

Contemporary white and wooden 'Emily' sideboard. Great for every style. Modern, shabby chic, classic. My Italian Living

Vintage, beautiful and unique 'Coppola' sideboard. Very unique and original piece, perfect for a shabby chic room. Great for living room, kitchen, dining room.

Elegant, ultramodern 'Gobi' Sideboard. Minimalist, contemporary, sand colour. All styles. My Italian Living.

Bright, flamboyant yellow 'Miles' sideboard. High quality materials and luxury design. My Italian Living

Turquoise, luxury design 'Steven' sideboard. Bright, luxury colour and high quality materials. My Italian Living

Unique design, light blue painting 'Tom' sideboard. Exclusive shape and bright colour, beautiful design. My italian Living