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Contemporary wardrobe with mirror 'Flaubert'. Beautiful mirror, very modern and unique piece. My Italian Living.


Contemporary, elegant 'Celine' wardrobe. Beautiful white piece, high quality materials. My Italian Living.

Elegant 'Charlotte' Clothes Cabin by Veneran

Black, lacquered 'Benny' Wardrobe by Veneran

Beautiful, glossy 'Harley' Wardrobe by Veneran

Beautiful 'Carry' Clothes Cabin by Veneran

Beautiful wardrobe with mirror 'Rousseau'. Mirror, original and modern piece. High quality materials. My Italian Living.

Beautiful white 'Verlaine' wardrobe. White piece, My Italian Living. Great piece.

Contemporary green 'Moliere' wardrobe. Beautiful piece and colour. My Italian Living.

Contemporary glossy 'Camus' wardrobe by Santa Lucia