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what is assembly language and how to use it in learning maniana's class
Introduction to Assembly Language
Assembly language is a computer programming language (a language that is used to make computer programs). It was introduced by David John Wheeler. It is a low-level programming language (closer to machine). Machine can understand assembly language in a better way than that of a high-level language. The language which enables instructions to be described by letters rather than numbers is called assembly language. It is also called as Symbolic Language.
what is high level language in learning maniana's guide to english and spanish
High Level Programming Language
A language that uses English words or mathematical symbols in the place of the mnemonic code is called high-level programming language or simply high-level language. It is a user-friendly programming language. It is machine-independent. Each and every instruction written by the programmer in a high-level language is get translated into many machine language instructions by using a translator software. This translator software is either a compiler or an interpreter. Both the translator works in different ways. An interpreter converts the high-level language code, one line at a time (line by line conversion). When the line is converted into a machine code, it is then executed at the same time.
what is machine language and how to use it in learning maniana's class
What is Machine Language?
Machine language is a low-level language consists of binary digits. The machine language consists of strings of binary numbers (0's and 1's), and this is only the language understood by the computer system. Every high-level language code must be converted into machine language either by a compiler or by an interpreter so as to execute and run the code on the computer. It is so because the hardware can only understand the binary code. Sometimes, it is also mentioned as a machine code or object code. Machine code is the fundamental or basic language of a computer. The computer can only understand binary language (i.e., 0 and 1).
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What are Programming Languages
A programming language is a computer language that is designed to communicate with a machine especially a computer. Programming languages can be used to design or create programs or algorithms to control the behavior of the machine. Programming is the process of converting system specifications into machine instruction that produced desired results. A programming language is a set of symbols that instructs the hardware of a computer to perform a specified task. There are a set of rules to use these symbols called syntax. A computer can only do what a programmer directs it to do. In order to perform a particular task, a programmer writes an order of instructions which is called programs (set of instructions).
what is object oriented programming? and what is oop? with text overlay
What is Object-Oriented Programming?
Object-Oriented Programming is a style of programming in which we write programs using objects and classes. These objects and classes indicate the data and the methods that are used in the program. We can create as many objects as we want for any single class. Now you may ask a question what is class and object?
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Introduction to Python: An open resource for students and for teachers
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Procedure Oriented Programming Definition
Procedure oriented programming is that way of programming in which there are different functions made for performing different tasks.