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Types of Traders according to us. To see more infographics visit #forex #traders #infographic
This image shows a typical bullish Elliot Wave.The basic premise of the Elliot Wave Theory is that traders are collectively influenced by market information in specific ways.The action that they take causes the market to move up and down and with each wave having its own characteristics. In the latest installment of 'An Intern Learns' Kevin explains all about Elliott Waves on the MahiFX Blog Image credit: R.N. Elliott, "The Basis of the Wave Principle," October 1940, via Wikimedia Commons
#ForexUseful - Some Forex traders trade the news and most use a Straddle trade just before Major News releases, here’s the best strategy you can apply…
Understanding the stock market trend and where we are in the cycle of market emotions can literally save your portfolio from devastating losses.
Draghi Dashes Buffett Bounce As Crude Carnage Continues | Zero Hedge
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