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Mytrux is the future of transportation and trucking in India. It brings fleet owners and the service users together on single technology platform enabling everyone to manage complex global logistics in real time. Solution that will be more efficient, leaner, more productive and surely more profitable.

mytrux is a cloud based technology solution developed to address the challenges in the transportation ecosystem.

Track & Trace Solution by Mytrux | We provide real-time Track & Trace Solution for our customers. Also GPS Vehicle Position, Real time information location & data available @ CLICK eye view on vehicle with information booking based tracking of vehicle

Transport Exchange by Mytrux like we provide Online Bidding, Reverse Load Availability, Availability Vehicle in Velocity, Choice of Service Providers, Booking & Inventory Platform

Fastest Transport by Mytrax | Voice Command, Voice Management, Vehicle Routes / Halts, Improved Turnaround, Speed Control / Average.

Transaction by Mytrux | Transaction Reports, Data On Dashboard, Freight Cost Reports, Booking Trip History, MIS Report of All Activities, Transparency in Translation