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Beebot Olympics! I had 5 different activities set up in which pupils had to direct the Beebots around obstacles, such as: zig-zagging through cones; finding their way around a maze; rolling a die onto a large 100 square and directing it to the number it landed on. This was with a Year 3 class.


Great idea to use with the Bee-Bots - a Dice Mat! You can make these yourself or (I'm sure) buy them. ~Bon


My bee bot robot that teaches coding basics and much more. Use after reading a book and then have the children program the bee bot to the correct answers.


Help pupils to organise the route sequence with this pack of durable sequence cards.

De Bee-bot is een fantastisch apparaat om jonge kinderen te leren programmeren. Daarom tips om te werken met de Bee-bot.

BEE BOT Solar System

BEEBOT solar system squares. This product is designed to be used with a programmable BEE BOT robot. The product includes all 9 planets and 3 extra bonus squares so you can make either a 3x3 mat or a 3x4 mat. The planet picture cards should be cut out and made into a mat. There are matching picture cards. Students will pick a card and then program the Bee-Bot to go to matching picture on the mat.