Stairs detail

Maison E3 / Natalie Dionne

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Stair details

STAIRCASE- Lovely shape to stairs, very artistic and fabulous skylight. Handrail is very thin and sleek.

Laser cut steel vertical stairwell supports.

Finne Architects: Custom Pacific Northwest architecture and furniture design, with a Scandinavian spirit.

Interior design takes training together with talent, and such lessons will provide you with the know-how you must design a room from floor to ceiling. Interior designs are rather important in shapi…

Archis Patel & Tanvi Rajpurohit Projects

Beautiful Vadodara-based a+t associates, founded by Archis Patel and Tanvi Rajpurohit in is one of the most promising design studios to watch out for! Inspired by Tadao Ando, Hiren Patel, Gu .