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Having a swimming pool in your backyard is like owning an urban oasis. Even the view of the pool from inside has a calming effect.

Most #Dangerous Cities In The World. Medellin in Colombia. The 24th most dangerous city on the list is the city of Medellin in Colombia, with a reported 1,175 homicides per 2,393,011 inhabitants. It is believed that much of the violence can be blamed on criminal bands trying to gain control of certain territories. However, homicide is actually on the gradual decrease in this city, as 1991 alone reported 6,349 homicides.

Автоломбард в Алматы. Адрес Автоломбарда: г. Алматы, ул. Богенбай батыра 86/47, офис 103 Тел/сот: 293-92-07 8 (771) 583-65-75 8 (701) 760-80-81 Низкие процентные ставки, бесплатная консультация, лучший автоломбард в Алматы.