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an image of flowers with the words and sayings above them
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a snail climbing up the side of a tree with a quote above it that says if you are not happy, there's no one now will be
These Happy Illustrations Are Here To Add A Little More Joy To Your Day
there is a man standing in the middle of trees with an orange speech bubble above his head
These Beautiful Spring Illustrations Are Here To Help Lift Your Spirits
an image of a woman's poem with the words don't take a woman for
Just How to Stop Seeming Like a Failure And Always Feel Like a Champion
two pictures one with a bed and the other with a cactus in it, both have balloons
Know the difference Don’t be with someone who hurts you & slaps a bandaí « on your wound and calls if love. Be wífh someone who changes and improves themselves to love cmd protect gou. - iFunny
an image with the words, and then they ask about me and you find yourself thinking back on all of your memories
8 Buddhist Habits That Will Change Your Life
the most powerful prayer for anyone in debt or in serious financial help and support
The Most Powerful Prayer for any one in debt or in need of serious financial Help and Support
a buddha statue with the words contuse them with your science amaze them with your actions