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South Indian bride. Yellow Kanchipuram silk sari with contrast red blouse. Braid with fresh flowers.Flower garland.Temple jewelry. Tamil bride. Telugu bride. Kannada bride. Malayalee bride. Hindu bride

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Indian saree - lifting saree pleats, stepping over Godknowswhat, flowers in hair, left arm outstretched to save pallu from trailing on ground. Just completely caught my imagination and evoked a memory...

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So the one on the left is similar to the ones you picked out, but of course, I adore the one on the right.

A delightful silk saree. Just the yummy colours are enough, the silk doesn't really need much else! --- #indian #wedding #trisha

Kavyakathal Silks: Silks Sarees, Embroidery Silks, Kanchipuram Sarees, Party Wear Silks, Printed Silks, Subamangala Silks

Traditional Southern Indian bride's bridal braid hair. Hairstyle by Swank Studio. Find us at #Saree #Blouse #Design

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South Indian bride. Temple jewelry. Blue silk kanchipuram sari.Bun with fresh flowers. Tamil bride. Telugu bride. Kannada bride. Hindu bride. Malayalee bride.

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