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Architectural art made of see-through fabric

“The space I’m interested in is not only a physical one, but an intangible, metaphorical and psychological one,” said South Korean artist Do Ho Suh

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large scale embroidered works by Jen Bervin based on composites of the punctuation and variant markings in Emily Dickinson's poetry manuscripts.

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Artist Erwin Redl creates large-scale LED installations and environments to investigate questions of phenomenology and perception in the age of the digital experience. He uses a metaphorical “reverse engineering” to re-translate the abstract aesthetic language of Virtual Reality and 3D computer modeling into powerful light-based architectural environments that can often quite literally destabilize the viewer’s perception of space.

Jeff Wall - The Invisible Man Inspired by the hero of Ralph Ellison's celebrated 1952 novel Invisible Man. The novel's eloquent prologue is short on specifics, except one: the 1,369 lightbulbs that cover the ceiling of the underground lair. Starting with this fantastic detail, Wall scrupulously imagined in his Vancouver studio the concrete form of Ellison's metaphorical space. Ambitiously reviving a forgotten art, he made visible the Invisible Man.

Self-Contained is, for me, a very metaphorical piece, and the first piece I made after moving to the United States. It is about passage and transition, and entering into a different life. It was also a matter of resurrecting my working process. I needed to find some space in my life to go into the studio every day and immerse myself in a very repetitive task (the 70,000 or so marks burned into its surface are a rough equivalent of the number of working hours in an average person’s life). It…