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a man in a hat pointing at the camera with his finger and wearing a ring
The finger and the look is a perfect combination. It means “Do it”. No time for negotiation. And if he pointed at me, I’d be at his beck and call. Because that man certainly has me wrapped, after all. #timothyolyphant #timolyphant #handsome #sodamnsexy #constantcraving #hotandbothered #sodamnfine #hunk #hotcelebrities #gorgeous #hotactor #justifiedfx #raylangivens
a man wearing a cowboy hat holding up a sign that says, that's all for now
Sad goodbye to my favorite show
two men sitting in chairs and one is holding his hand out to the other man
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Justified, behind the scenes.
a man wearing a white cowboy hat with the caption'darry didn't tell ya you were gona wish i killed ya? '
TV Drama Fans on X
Timothy Olyphant #Raylan #Quote #Justified
a man in a black suit and white shirt
Emmys 2012: TV’s Supporting Players Storm THR’s Photo Shoot
Walton Goggins deserves all the awards
three people standing next to each other in black and white
Walton Goggins, Joelle Carter, Timothy Olyphant
two men are standing in the grass with hats on their heads and one man is taking pictures
Justified...Raylan and Boyd
a man in black jacket and tie looking at something with caption that reads, boy well you can trust me buff but i don't even trust the way you
a movie poster with the caption just tired tuesdays 10x10
a black and white photo with the words anti - hero every story should have one
Boyd Crowder
a man is staring at the camera with a quote above him that reads,'now i don't know a lot about things, but if
Boyd, Boyd...!
Justified....Love me some Raylan Givens! Tv Quotes, Photo Archive, Best Tv, Movies Showing, Serie Tv
In ‘Justified,’ a growing crime world
Justified....Love me some Raylan Givens!
two men sitting on top of a set of stairs in front of a stair case
Raylan and Boyd.