This book presents the conceptual framework underlying the atomistic theory of matter, emphasizing those that relate to current flow. No prior acquaintance with quantum mechanics is assumed. Many numerical examples are used to provide concrete illustrations and the corresponding MATLAB codes can be downloaded from the web. Videostreamed lectures, keyed to specific sections of the book are also available through the web.

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To push MOSFETs to their scaling limits and to explore devices that may complement or even replace them at molecular scale, a clear understanding of device physics at nanometer scale is necessary. Nanoscale Transistors provides a description on the recent development of theory, modeling, and simulation of nanotransistors for electrical engineers, physicists, and chemists working on nanoscale devices.

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Quantum Transport: Atom to Transistor by Supriyo Datta. $79.48. Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 2nd edition (July 11, 2005). Publication: July 11, 2005. 420 pages. Author: Supriyo Datta. Edition - 2nd

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Nanotechnology books for children. (Mark E. Tomassoni)

These lectures are designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of carrier transport in nano-devices using a novel, "bottom up approach" that agrees with traditional methods when devices are large, but which also works for nano-devices. The lectures serve as a starting point to an extensive set of instructional materials available online.

Fundamentals of Carrier Transport is an accessible introduction to the behavior of charged carriers in semiconductors and semiconductor devices. It is written specifically for engineers and students without an extensive background in quantum mechanics and solid-state physics. This second edition contains many new and updated sections, including a completely new chapter on transport in ultrasmall devices.

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Recent advances in semiconductor technology have made possible the fabrication of structures whose dimensions are much smaller than the mean free path of an electron. Complete with problems and solutions, the book will be of great interest to graduate students of mesoscopic physics and nanoelectronic device engineering, as well as to established researchers in these fields.

Electronic Transport in Mesoscopic Systems (Cambridge Studies in Semiconductor Physics and Microelectronic Engineering) by Supriyo Datta (Author). Recent advances in semiconductor know-how have made potential the fabrication of structures whose dimensions are much smaller than the mean free path of an electron. This book offers the first thorough account of the idea of electronic transport in such mesoscopic systems.

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