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Dessert for breakfast is the only way to go in our books.

Dessert for breakfast is the only way to go in our books.

It can be challenging to motivate kids to want to learn a language-- until you give them some popcorn.

Discover some great child-friendly french movies that will help families learn French together + Where to easily find these movies online.

La Petite Histoire de la Dame de Feu

A cute french story that I'll translate later :)


Époustouflant Époustouflant(e) not just describes an amazing moment or scene, it is in itself a breathtaking word, too! Other counterparts: stunning, astonishing, mind-blowing.

Learn French with French Lover daily, A word of the day on steroïds, to boost your French vocabulary.

If you are interested in learning French, you might have stumbled upon some of these pictures and videos on social networks.

Grammatika, toutes les règles de grammaire à la porte de la main

French homophones, words which is pronounced the same as other words but differ in spelling or meaning or origin

My favourite mainstream French music to play in the classroom

Classroom tips & tricks, resources and teaching ideas for the primary French classroom - immersion or French first-language