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Hazal Kaya N Cagatay Ulusoy on Instagram: “I loved this scene #adiniferihakoydum #adiniferihakoydumemirinyolu #emirinyolu #emirsarrafoglu #ferihayilmaz #ferihasarrafoglu…”

Episode 26: Emir ve Feriha under the Tree Scene Feriha: What can I do Emir? How will I be able to survive losing you Emir?..(speaking to herself, while he is asleep) Emir: Why didn't you wake me up? Feriha: Because, I liked watching you asleep Emir: What time is it now? Did the Taksi call? Feriha: Yes, they called, but i didn't want to answer. Emir: Yes, it's such a beautiful day that we don't want it to end. Feriha: now it will be much longer, than we anticipated.


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