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Steven universe

this show is such a mood
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Bismuth X Pearl

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©️ to yuvxrse on instagram
©️ to iridot.mp3 on instagram

SU Edits/Videos

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Página Inicial / Twitter
우리집에는 애기인간도 있다pic.twitter.com/1dQJwPNDDZ


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Little Laramar

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i am SO happy for sadie!!! can’t believe my hopes for her from all the way in s1   are a reality now. and i HAD to draw shep, i was so excited about them since i saw the opening sequence!

Sadie X Shep

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My diamond by TEAMdiscordMLP
Your identity

Pink pearl X pearl

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"you should try harder"
Imágenes Kevin x Jamie. ✔Créditos a los creadores de las Imágenes. … #casuale # Casuale # amreading # books # wattpad

Kevin X Jamie

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The cluster
tw: forced fusion | Tumblr


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topaz | Tumblr
Till The End Of Time
Imagen de aquamarine and steven universe


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sapphire-enthusiast:  “ a transparent smol  ”


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Bless this precious kid’s heart
Depresso Expresso - oh my goodneessss finally i can get some art onto...


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We can end it all right here, right now.

Yellow and Blue

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So romantic XP

Pearl X spinel

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Steven Universe Fan Art!
Rose said I’m perfect the way I am

Amythyst X Steven

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Volleyball being volleyball and a big star from Steven <3

Pink pearl

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I swear to god Rebecca Sugar, this better not happen
Pierre and Steve by shadowpiratemonkey7 on DeviantArt

Steven X Peridot

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Steven Universe One-shots - Promise [Pearl x Rose] - Page 1 - Wattpad
Just had the image of baby Steven in my (& @boringartist‘s ^v^) Bad Prediction AU grabbing all the Pearls’ noses…except White’s. XD

Pearl and steven

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Mystery Pearl - Steven Universe
Mystery girl come back... by Piierogi on DeviantArt

Pearl and Mystery girl

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we’ll love again
call us mommy please~? by Mochiyy on DeviantArt

Spinel and the Diamonds

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🖌🎆💗🎆🖌 — Oh boi do i love me some diamond steven. I drew...
Spinel SU please interact i love you!
Lali🌻 (@laliiyeaah) / Twitter

Steven X spinel

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steven universe | Tumblr

Spinel and pink

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So your telling me that this little angry goofball was able to find the biggest possible injector, put a custom heart shaped top on it, fill it with planet killing juice assuming that it wasn't already in there, and find a weapon that resets gems all within hours of seeing Steven's broadcast. Assuming all of this stuff was heavily guarded, spinel deserves a lot of praise for her skill and efficiency. – popular memes on the site iF... #stevenuniverse #animemanga #stevenuniverse #su #spinel #pic
🗼;;Amantes de Spinel... ¡Reportense!                      ¿No? ¿Nadi… #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad


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made of stardust
Pig Vertebrate pink cartoon pig mammal nose pig like mammal vertebrate
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lion & Cat steven

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