A starry, starry night... simple to create and perfect for a kids bedroom, just…

Green foliage and plants help to bring the outdoors into your home. You can create your own terrariums in just a few simple steps.

Maximise on the storage in your home and make space for all that clutter. Rattan storage boxes with a geometric design are a great way to add a feature.

Rust coloured cushions, bunting and lots of textures can really create a snug and warm look during the colder months. Add a cup of tea and a fire and you're all set.

Rustic home decor with lots of textures, deep and rich colours and foliage creates a really earthy and cosy look. And you always need a coordinating throw, for extra comfort.

It's the finishing touches that make your home full of personality. Create a feature shelf and showcase your favourite things. For more inspiration, check out our other boards or view our full range on http://www.diy.com/departments/home-furnishing/whats-new-for-your-home/meadow/cat1800165.cat?ecamp=SoM_BAU_Pinterest_Meadow_16Feb2016

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