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Core Exercise To Target Your Mommy Tummy (Perfect If You Have Diastasis Recti Or A Weak Back)
Flatten your tummy up and try not to sway back and forth by holding your body stable with your core. I want you to do 10 reps x 3 sets of this exercise on each side ❤️ This is better for your mommy tummy because it targets your deepest core muscle (the transverse abdominus) which looks like a corset that wraps around your waist so when you exercise that muscle, it has a cinching effect.
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Natural makeup routine
5-day smoothie diet plan for boost up weight lose journey
5Days detox challenge to help reduce belly fat,clear skin and get rid of bloating. Get a complete 21-Day DETOX Smoothie Diet Plan with over 36 daily meal-replacement smoothie recipes, shopping lists, whole food meals, snacks and more. ⁠ Check the LINK 🔗 in my bio and take the 21-Day Smoothie Diet Challenge TODAY if you want more amazing DETOX recipes like THIS!
Habits that helped me lose body fat & get leaner
a woman standing in the middle of a road with her hands on her hips and text describing how to slim - thick workout
slim-thick body workout💗