Self-Portraits - Student Art. "This was a photo that was taken of her at senior retreat. She began with watercolor, then brought in some collage and finished up by free motion stitching over top. She may also have brought in some pen and ink work. It is a phenomenal piece, and one of Caroline's strongest works of the year."

Self-Portraits - Student Art. "This was a photo that was taken of her at senior…

Alt. Photography: Stitched Portraits | Retrospe...

Alt. Photography: Stitched Portraits

this has used stitch to enphasize wrinks in the face which links to getting older and closer the the end of your life. I like simplicity of this photo and the strength the stitch gives the face.

colourgirl by Sarah Walton, via Flickr

sarah walton art - Sarah Walton’s art has an incredibly sweet vintage feel. The UK-based artist creates her adorable embroidered illustrations using a sewing ma.

Young and Old. Growing up pictures of different ages collaged together.

Human face made of several different people, artistic concept collage by Zurijeta, via ShutterStock

Michal Macku’s Manipulated Gellage Self Portraits

Gellage is a series by Czech photographer Michal Macku named after an intricate technique he developed. The term "gellage"–essentially a portmanteau

Tommy Ingberg website

I like how this picture shows that even the smartest looking people can still be dense and be like talking to a brick wall. I see this graphic as not judging a book by its cover.