Do Ho Soh art installation; Silk Houses; Transparent polyester fabric over wire frame; fabric structure.

Do-Ho Suh

Staircase/Fabric sculpture by Do-Ho Suh (April Fabric and wire will be cheaper to construct, and would still allow you to look through the installation into the space

Michael Craig-Martin

Michael Craig-Martin - this looks like it was made with wire. i like this piece because it is unrealistic and artificial, its like a 'modelled' hammer with ought the hammer

Do Ho Suh | Artists | Victoria Miro -

In exquisitely made works, Do Ho Suh explores contemporary arrangements of space and the unstable boundaries of its categorisation along lines of individuality and collectivity, physicality and immateriality, mobility and.

Michael Craig- Martin « raiswexa

Michael Craig- Martin

Michael Craig- Martin: such a jumble of everyday objects, so neatly organised and categorized, with the headphones forming a kind of frame. Tiny ladder and toilet next to out sized spade and torch


Michael Craig-Martin’s Wall Paintings Transform Everyday Objects Into The Extraordinary

Michael Craig Martin

Michael Craig-Martin - Michael Craig-Martin was born in Dublin in 1941 and educated in the United States, studying fine art at Yale University.

Toby Morison - Food and Wine

Food and Wine Toby Morison – lovely line work and “miss-registered” colour wash