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there is a circle made out of rocks and green leaves on the sand with plants growing around it
Land Art English | Creations in Nature
a wooden path made out of sticks in the woods
james brunt artist (@RFJamesUK) on X
a tree that is standing in the dirt near some branches and leaves on the ground
Celebramos el día del Medio Ambiente con la obra de James Brunt - Esto no es arte
two small children are playing in the leaves
Leaf Maze and Labyrinth for Kids - Happy Hooligans
A-maze-ing Fall fun - happy hooligans
flowers and leaves are placed on the sidewalk in different shades of blue, green, pink, yellow
Outdoor learning color matching game
Outdoor learning color matching game - NurtureStore
some branches are laying on the ground next to a blue and white mat that is made out of twigs
yellow flowers are arranged in rows on the wooden walkways that lead up to trees