Pollinator Facts and Classroom Activities

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the 3d bee life cycle is shown in three different pictures
How to Make a 3D Life Cycle of a Bee Activity for Kids
3D Life Cycle of a Bee Activity for Kids
a paper sculpture of a bee with a soccer ball on its back
How To Make An Easy Origami Paper Craft Honey Bee Step by Step Tutorial
an activity for bees to learn how to use the bee act
Science for Kids: Honey bees, Flowers & Freebies!
Science for Kids: Honey bees, Flowers
a beehive with the words save the bees lesson on it and an apple blossom
Advocacy for Bees
Teach bees as pollinators and the reasons their declining population numbers in recent years. #bees #bee #savethebees #nature #environment #earth #k12 #garden #pollination #pollinators #advocacy #issues
an arrangement of items is displayed in a room with balloons and other things on the table
The Pollinator game
Back in May we went to the 'science rendevous', an annual science fair in Toronto, Canada. There were lots of games and hands on activi...
an orange juice in a carton next to some paper flowers on a white table cloth
Plant Life Cycle Activities-Fun, Hands-on Science for Kids - Around the Kampfire
a yellow flower with the words flight of the pollineators science lesson ngs aligned
"Flight of the Pollinators" a Picture-Perfect Science Lesson
how to dissect flowers plant science for kids book cover with pictures of yellow flowers
Dissecting Daffodils To Explore Pollination