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Fashion Plates | 55 Toys And Games That Will Make '90s Girls Super Nostalgic - most of these I don't recognize, but a few of them, namely the Ariel doll and McDonald's Barbie toys, seriously freaked me out. Flashback!!!

girlyme: throughthelabyrinth: killakiddy: imremembering: Fashion Plates Remembered by Kate i used to love this thing sooooooo much! this was one of my favorite toys! I had this - LOVED it - played with it all the time! :D OMG, loved Fashion Plates!

Fill-in-the-blank, printable teacher thank you cards.

When I taught school (for a year and a half and I was possibly one of the worst teachers ever), this is the teacher gift that meant the most to me: a sincere thank you. (Printable fill-in-the-blank cards in the post.