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a small chicken sitting on top of a bowl in someone's hand with trees in the background
Cutest Mug EVER! 🐣😊
There's always room for another cute mug! 😊☕️ Start your mornings with a smile!! 💕 #CoffeeLovers
Ice Cream Hack! 💕🍦
Keeps your hands warm & your sweet treat cold😊🍦 (& we all can agree that ice cream tastes better right out of the pint!!)
Easy Healthy Meal!
Keep on the Sunny Side! 🌞 A nutritious meal has never been so easy… & soo cute!! #KitchenHacks #EasyMeals
Happiest Mugs Ever! 🌞🌈☕️
Your morning coffee just got CUTER!! 😊☕️ We love starting the day with a smile💞 Pssst... each mug has a happy quote on the inside of the rim!! #LiveHappy #Coffee #CoffeeMug
three colorful coffee mugs sitting on top of a sandy beach next to tall grass
Mega 40oz Tumbler - Cream Follow The Sun
Mega 40oz Tumbler - Cream Follow The Sun – Natural Life
two women sitting at a table with plates of food on it and one woman standing in front of the table
Boho Happy Kitchen💕🦋🌈
Dinner party, anyone? 🍽️ We've got the CUTEST new kitchen treasures that will bring the colorful, boho vibes of Natural Life right to your dining table! 🌞💞🌈 #KitchenDecor #BohoHome
a bowl filled with guacamole and chips on top of a wooden table
Personal Chip & Dip Bowl
Our Personal Chip & Dip Bowl is super cute AND practical for holding your favorite snacks like chips & guac or veggies & hummus! Made from hand-molded stoneware, we added our boho style to this personal-sized bowl with a colorful floral detail at the rim. And you won't have to worry about the dip dish slidi
colorful plates and utensils laid out on a wooden table with flowers painted on them
Mix & Match Melamine Bowl - Mint
Mix & Match Melamine Bowl - Turquoise – Natural Life
Kitchen Essentials! 🍽️💕
This Minute Egg Cookier & Veggie Steamer are the kitchen life hack you never knew you needed until NOW! 😊🙌🏼 It’s the little things that make life better❤️
Natural Life Casserole Cozy!
The perfect on-the-go kitchen essential!! Arrive in style with the cutest Casserole Cozy☺️💕
two oven mitts and a wooden spoon rest on a marble counter top with a colorful quilted pot holder next to it
Pot Holder & Spoon Set - Taco
Update a plain pot holder with our Pot Holder & Wooden Spoon Set that has a cute taco message and design on the front and a floral print on the back. This fun kitchen set is also super useful! We included a hand pocket on the back of the pot holder so you can grab a pot handle or baking pan in this adorable style.
Happy Mugs!!
We love our Mugs at NL!!
Coffee Coffee Coffee
a coffee mug with a flower painted on it sitting on a wooden table next to a wall
Folk Art Coffee Mug - Penny The Chicken
Our hand-sculpted Betty the Boot Folk Art Coffee Mug will cheerfully greet you in the morning to start your day with a smile. The encouraging mini message, “Live Happy” peeps out at you from just under the rim of this boot-shaped mug. While it does an awesome job at holding coffee, tea, or even the occasional serving o