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Dhruva Interactive - Game Development Company

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Dhruva Interactive is one of the top game development companies in India offering game development, publishing on all platforms.

Alien: isolation is a first-person survival horror stealth game developed by the creative assembly and published by sega on 7 october 2014 for microsoft windows, playstation 4, xbox one, playstation 3 and xbox 360 platforms. Dhruva interactive is proud to have contributed to this game.

BAZZLE by Dhruva Interactive Bazzle is a physics based puzzle platform game, released on mobile tablet and phones. Aimed at a casual audience, the game provides a challenging, fun experience for all ages.

GLO FLO - Dhruva Interactive Designed for a casual audience on mobile phone and tablet, Glo Flo was developed for Game Tantra and released by Capcom as the second game in their Beeline casual line-up.