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The Architect stylus by Arctic Accessories is designed for capacitive touch screens. It has a rubber tip for precision and a distinctive cap to run a lanyard through to keep track of your pen.

microsoft surface pro

Apple's new MacBook isn't for everyone. If you're shopping for a super-skinny laptop, there are several choices on the market.

Walter Dorwin Teague Documentary by Jason A. Morris — Kickstarter

Long before digital, there were designers named Dreyfuss, Loewy and Teague who ran the gamut of design disciplines from architecture and graphic to industrial.


I like to think of Coway as underdogs from the Far East. They have some of the most amazing consumer products that are top-notch in Industrial


ICE+WATER by Seung-woo Kim - Ice+Water has been designed to be installed in kitchens and to provide clean drinking water and pure ice. With just a single touch you can extract both hot and cold water and even pure ice without delay.


CAIRS is a per­son­al air puri­fi­er! Think of your car, at home or at the office; this lit­tle device puri­fies dust and odor in the air and ster­il­izes bac­te­ria, virus­es, etc.