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Daksha Sheth's 'SARI' brings the journey of the textile to the spotlight.

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An instrument of European origin, the Violin was introduced into Indian classical music in about 1800. At first, it made its appearance at the court of Thanjavur. Thereafter, it received further support from the Maharaja Swati Tirunal of Travancore, who was himself adept in the art of music.

Sitar is believed to have been derived from the veena, an ancient Indian instrument, which was modified by a Mughal court musician to conform with the tastes of his Persian patrons and named after a Persian instrument called the Setar

Vijay Chavan, famous Maharashtrian musician, plays the Dholki at NCPA on March 14th at Living Traditions 2015!

The resonator in Sarod is covered with goat skin. In Calcutta where most sarods are made, the skin is obtained from the goat kids that are sacrificed at the Kalighat temple.

Prof. Sir C V Raman, the Nobel laureate worked on the properties of the black patch on the tabla and dagga.

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