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Did you know that NCPA started publishing a Quarterly Journal, to develop and improve the knowledge, understanding and practice of the arts, every quarter since September 1972 till March 1988? An article from these journals is now included in every edition of ON Stage since July 2013.

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NCPA’s Centre for Photography (CPA) preservation vault has a rare collection of works by some of the most celebrated photographers across the globe. The vault has several famous works by Judith Mara Gutman, August Sander, Ashvin Mehta and Raghubir Singh! #TriviaTuesdays

Did you know that Teaching & Research Block is the first building of NCPA and now houses the 114-seat Little Theatre?

Did you know that the Jamshed Bhabha Theatre was inaugurated in 1999 by the then President of India President K.R. Narayanan? #TriviaTuesdays

Did you know that the proceeds from sale of the tickets for the night concert on October 11, 1980, ‘the inauguration night’ went to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund?

Did you know a nine-day festival of music, dance and drama was organized on October 11, 1980 as part of the grand inauguration of the magnificent Tata Theater? #TriviaTuesday

Did you know that the installation of India’s first Concert Pipe Organ in the Tata Theatre at the NCPA took place in the year 1988? The pipe organ was recently played during the South West Festival Chorus with Members of the SOI in March 2014. #TriviaTuesday

Did you know that with a capacity of 1109, this breath-taking Proscenium theatre has been hosting a wide range of performances from orchestras to operas since 1999? Named after our founder, the Jamshed Bhabha Theatre is equipped with the best acoustics and modern, yet elegant interiors. That includes the marvelous chandelier that boasts over the auditorium! #TriviaTuesdays

Did you know The Little Theatre, inaugurated in 1975, can seat up to 114 people and is quintessential for emerging musicians, dancers, and poets? #TriviaTuesdays

Did you know the Godrej Dance Theatre was inaugurated in 1985 to cater specifically to the needs of dancers? With only 177 seats this theatre allows the audience to appreciate and observe the dance performance up close and personal. #TriviaTuesdays