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Try these fun and educational sensory play activities with your baby and toddler. They are taste-safe and don’t pose a choking hazard, and fun enough for the older kids to join in the fu
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How to make sensory bottles. Lots of ideas for additions to sensory bottles for learning and sensory input here!
Sensory Sunday - Touchy Feely Frames using old plastic picture frames. Add some different textures (bubble wrap, faux fur, textured place mats, fabric, ribbon) and let your little one explore! Perfect for babies and toddlers for some sensory play.
New sensory board made from a photo frame - bubble wrap, fine sand paper, silk fish scales, tiger fur, snake skin, leather, sequined material and fishnet over bees. Cheryl's Family Day Care ≈≈
Cute crochet jellyfish, FREE pattern |
LAVA LAMP SENSORY BAGS- these are SO NEAT!  We couldn't put them down!
DIY Sensory Blocks - a wonderful sensory toy for your little one, but wouldn't they be GREAT in speech therapy? Close your eyes, touch, now describe how it feels. Use your best vocabulary words for describing!
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